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Pioneer in High Performance Computing Technology since 1998

ACQIS Technology was founded in 1998 by Dr. Bill Chu as a technology licensing company for blade systems and high performance computing systems. The company developed the iMod blade system, and has been awarded over 20 patents on blade systems, high performance computing systems, and high performance serial data communication, e.g.

US 6,216,185 – Personal Computer Peripheral Console with Attached Computer Module,
US 7,363,416 – Computer System
Utilizing Multiple Computer Modules with Password Protection, and
US 8,041,873 – Multiple Module Computer System and Method including Differential Signal Channel comprising Unidirectional Serial Bit Channels to Transmit Encoded Peripheral Component Interconnect Bus Transaction Data.

Reexamination certificates have been issued for the patents listed above confirming the patentability of over 200 claims. ACQIS patent portfolio continues to grow, e.g. US RE44,468; US 8,626,977.

The company spent considerable effort to develop blade computing system and announced the blade computer in 2000, see

  • Wired Magazine, March 2001 – Fetish
  • PC World, June 2001 – Top of the News
  • San Jose Mercury, June 28, 2001 – Personal Technology

The company sold blade computer products for several years.

Since 2009, ACQIS has been active in licensing intellectual property. There are many licensees of ACQIS patent portfolio including several Fortune 100 companies. We are interested in working with a potential licensee in whatever way may make the most sense. We would be interested in discussing any form of licensing arrangements or potential investment in our company with you.